FC Series

API 6A Gate Valves

Bearing-manual or piston-hydraulic
Optimized design for better performance
Optional trim levels to fit harsh service conditions

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Durability well considered

The JMP FC Gate Valves, with designs derived from the famous Cameron®-Style FC Gate Valves, are re-engineered to enhance service performance. The clearance, hardness, surface finish and treatment are optimized to achieve perfect seal surfaces and floating gates, and at the same time reduced the possibility of scratches caused by parts or sand. Optional special surface treatment and welding inlay package helps better prepare your valves for harsh service conditions.FC gate valves are designed to produce maximum speed and eliminate pressure drop. Cameron-style gate valves are designed to prevent pressure trapping inside the valve cavity and extend the life of the product. Inlay welded with Inconel 625 Inlay to resist oxidation and corrosion is just one of the extra features JMP Equipment offers.

Ball Screw Manual

JMP FC-style ball screw manual gate valves are a redesign similar to the Cameron®-Style FC gate valves. These valves have been widely distributed across the North American market.

  • Sizes available in 4", 5" or 7"
  • Pressure rating 10M or 15M Psi

Bearing Manual

The bearing manual valves are smaller in terms of bore sizes, but equally capable working under high pressure. These durable gate valves are essential parts for high pressure hydrofracking operstions.

  • Sizes available from 1 to 4 inch
  • Pressure rating 10M or 15M Psi

Piston Hydraulic

FC-style piston hydraulic valves provides easier and more accurate control of flow.

  • Sizes available from 2 to 7 inch
  • Pressure rating 10M or 15M Psi

Optional Surface Treatment

Better withstands the elements.

Non-Rising Stem Valve

Stem position indicator for convenient management.

Metal to Metal Sealing

Meeting points of the seat to gate and seat to body .

Material Level: DD, EE, FF

Sour Gas Level: 0.5, 1.5, NL

Spec: PSL1~PSL3/PR1

No. Model Working Pressure Bore Size Operation
1 FC2-10-M 10M 2-1/16" Bearing Manual
2 FC2-10-H 10M 2-1/16" Piston Hydraulic
3 FC3-10-M 10M 3-1/16" Ball Screw Operated
4 FC3-10-H 10M 3-1/16" Piston Hydraulic
5 FC4-10-M 10M 4-1/16" Ball Screw Operated
6 FC4-10-H 10M 4-1/16" Piston Hydraulic
7 FC2-15-M 15M 2-1/16" Bearing Manual
8 FC2-15-H 15M 2-1/16" Piston Hydraulic
9 FC3-15-M 15M 3-1/16" Ball Screw Operated
10 FC3-15-H 15M 3-1/16" Piston Hydraulic
11 FC4-15-M 15M 4-1/16" Ball Screw Operated
12 FC4-15-H 15M 4-1/16" Piston Hydraulic

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