FLSR Style

API 6A Gate Valves

Low torque ball screw
T-slot stems eliminate thread seizure
5-piece assembly, low maintenance
Lower stem quick replace

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Quality Valves With Long Track Record

The FLSR Style Gate Valves have been serving North American oilfields for over a decade. Using top of the line machinery and material to provide a product with superior sealing characteristics and zero leakage. With more than 300 valves shipped each year, the design and the quality of FLSR Style API 6A gate valves have gained recognition in West Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.Using Inlay welding, FLSR Style gate valves are more resistant to corrosion as they are welded with Inconel 625 Inlay. This extends the life of the gate valve and with an added lubricant it also limits the wear, friction and contamination. Designed with a universal disc holder and simple disc insert retention for easy maintenance.

Ball Screw Manual

JMP FLSR Style Ball-Screw-Manual gate valves are a redesign similar to the Cameron®-Style FLR gate valves. We have put much considerations into these valves and made them available in various options to accomodate different operating environments.

  • Sizes available in 5" or 7"
  • Pressure rating 10M or 15M Psi

Piston Hydraulic

The FLSR piston hydraulic valves offers high efficiency and presicion in operations while keeping the same high durability and reliability.

  • Sizes available from 5 or 7 inch
  • Pressure rating 10M or 15M Psi

17 Turns Open to Close

JMP FLSR Style valves feature low torque ball screw operators that ensures easy open and close operation. From years of research as well as customer feedbacks we reached the optimum balance between number of turns and amount of torque required.

T-Slot Upper/Lower Stems

No more thread seizures. The T-slot between gate and stems lower the possibility of thread seizures and stress concentration significantly.

Optimal Trim Design

Easy to install, repair and replace with only 5 pieces trim parts.

Seat Protection Pocket

Reduce Sand Erosion with Seat Protection Pocket.

Back-Seat Design

Replace stem seal under pressure.

Lower Cost Replacement and Reparation

Longer Service Period for Valve Body with Stem Seal Pocket and Back Seat on Bonnet.

Optional Trim Enhancement: Inconel Inlay

Xylan Coating; QPQ, etc.

Material Level: DD, EE, FF

Sour Gas Level: 0.5, 1.5, NL

Spec: PSL1~PSL3

No. Model Working Pressure Bore Size Operation Connection
1 J5-10-M 10M 5-1/8" Ball Screw Operated Flanged
2 J5-10-H 10M 5-1/8" Piston Hydraulic Flanged
3 J7-10-M 10M 7-1/16" Ball Screw Operated Flanged
4 J7-10-H 10M 7-1/16" Piston Hydraulic Flanged
5 J5-15-M 15M 5-1/8" Ball Screw Operated Flanged
6 J5-15-H 15M 5-1/8" Piston Hydraulic Flanged
7 J7-15-M 15M 7-1/16" Ball Screw Operated Flanged
8 J7-15-H 15M 7-1/16" Piston Hydraulic Flanged

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