Working with large manufacturers in China, JMP is able to provide top of the line equipment at a fraction of the cost. Using workshops in Asia does not sacrifice the quality of the product. We ensure everything is up to standard with API requirements and products will withstand climate change. JMP's manufacturers are known as an outsource for industry leaders. JMP oil and gas products are truly top of the line.

Having oversea engineers at manufacturer workshops allows JMP to have confidence in the product they sell. They are able to check progress, test it and ensure everything is built in accordance to JMP quality standards. This also allows the company to assure the process is going as planned and the anticipated delivery time will be met.

Being able to guarantee the process of the product and updating clients is very important to JMP. This has proven beneficial when clients require customized equipment. JMP collects the customer’s drawings and measurements and engineers at the workshop site guarantee the product is built exactly as requested.

API 6A Workshop
A Glance of one of our afflicated manufactures
Heat treatment facility
Heat treatment facility
Digital Hardness Testing Facility
Forged steel digital hardness testing
API 6A Machining
API 6A machining
api 6a machining production line
Final machining production line
30 ton steel melting furnace
Massive 30-ton steel melting furnace
1600-ton hydraulic forging equipment
1600-ton hydraulic forging equipment