Gas and oil supply 60 percent of the nation’s energy. Therefore it is important that not only drilling companies have guidelines to follow, but also companies that manufacture the equipment.

JMP Equipment is API certified to  manufacture oil and gas equipment. JMP’s oil service complies with standards set forward by API. This includes how the product is made, the quality, and testing required to approve the products. API has been developing guidelines for over 85 years in the industry of petroleum and petrochemical equipment. They also focus on environmental protection for all oil services. Oil and natural gas is used not just for gasoline but for common house hold items such as pans and medical equipment.

API has gathered industry wisdom and developed basic guidelines for oil and gas equipment manufacturers. The institute was first established as a result of drilling delays and shortages during World War I that brought the realization that pipes, threads and coupling had no standard sizing. Oil service was not standardized. API has created a standard guideline for oil and gas equipment, which JMP is a part of. This means that all North American oil companies can have peace of mind in JMP products as they comply with the standard specifications for oil services.

API’s environment rules require oil service companies such as JMP Equipment to respond to community concerns regarding oil and gas equipment. JMP must also handle and operate raw materials without harming the environment as well as the health and safety of employees and the public. API has improved oil service that companies like JMP provide.
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