Position: President

Job description:

Establishing long-term and mid-term goals, formulate business plans, and design effective business models for JMP; Formulating marketing strategy, streamline business process, and strengthen distribution channels; Developing and executing financial budgets to achieve key financial objectives; Creating an annual and quarterly budgeting plan for key contracts and accounts; Exercising decision- making power on major marketing and financial issues concerning JMP’s business development in the U.S. markets; Performing in-depth evaluations to develop our business and increase our revenues by analyzing feedbacks from the industry, marketing leaders and experts, and our customer’s needs to guarantee that our services are the best within our industry; Perform evaluations in regards to relative costs and benefits of potential designs and determinate what designs meet our costumers’ needs at affordable cost; Applying mechanical principles and techniques to overseeing the equipment and procedures for the designing and production of various products; Directing human resources activities, including the approval of human resource plans or activities, the selection of directors or other high-level staff, or establishment or organization of major departments; Oversee and manage two levels of management and exercise wide discretion on all important company matters including hiring and firing of staff; Review reports submitted by staff members to recommend approval or to suggest changes; Appoint department heads or managers and assign or delegate responsibilities to them; Overseeing the coordination of trainings for our manufactures’ workers in regards to designing and assembling of our products; Oversees employees’ duties such as: parts supply, maintenance tasks, safety procedures, and service schedule required to maintain products in prescribed condition; Direct and coordinate activities of business or departments concerned with production, pricing, sales, or distribution of products; Negotiate or approve contracts or agreements with suppliers and distributors; Act as one of the primary points of contact in relationships with high value prospects and established accounts as well as strategic partners; Ensure customer satisfaction and maintain amicable working relationships with main suppliers and buyers; and Final decision-making for the overseas marketing strategy and planning.

Requirements: Master’s Degree in an Engineering related field or the equivalent. Three years of engineering experience and this position also requires extensive understanding of the oil & natural gas industry including engineering knowledge of wellhead & frac valve and excellent management and operative supervising skills.

Contact Info: JMP Petroleum Technologies, Inc. 8111 FM 1960 Rd. Suite 100 Humble, Texas 77338. Attn: HR