Companies that focus solely on making money are actually limited to the amount of profit they can make. For JMP Equipment it is not about the money but about providing a full service of oil and gas equipment. As a manufacturing company there is much to it than most expect. Taking part in the design process, having engineers at overseas workshops to confirm progress and accuracy of orders, testing the product, following API guidelines and shipping the product, are just some of the few things JMP does for its clients. It is a business driven by customer demand.

Established with a “win-win” ideal there are no guidelines and processes JMP isn’t willing to review and modify. To satisfy customers and provide them peace of mind on the products they purchase from JMP, they also offer an Authorized Service Provider (ASP). Small repairs, maintenance, repainting, testing, coating, welding and 3rd part inspection certificate are just a few of the things they provide at the ASP. With regular service you are able to extend the life of your equipment. JMP coats its products to help withstand corrosion but maintenance is also very important to get use of the equipment’s full life. 

JMP success is measured by how successful its clients are. That is why JMP is constantly researching, revising and learning new useful ways to extend the runtime of oil and gas equipment. These services are available for JMP’s oil equipment and those of any other brand. Since API has set guidelines and standardized oil equipment, JMP is able to service any brand. This is also useful for both the company and the customer. It allows JMP to be able to compare how different brands work and establish different forms of fixing a problem and therefor prevent your equipment from needing welding or other services again.

Our Authorized Service Provider is located in Houston at South Houston Service Center (AIS). They are certified in API Q1 and API 6A. For more information please contact JMP Equipment.