JMP Equipment prides itself in manufacturing top-of-the-line gas and oil equipment. However, all of the company’s focus is not just on the oil field equipment but on how to guarantee that it can travel across the world in a safe manner to the location it will call home. Despite these being huge machinery made of steel alloy, JMP ensures they arrive in the same condition as they left the workshop in Asia. 

Most oil field equipment have less than a 90 day turn around period. Everything is built to precision, even more so when it is a custom order. JMP designs, manufacture, test and deliver the product. They even offer technical support if something does not go as planned when installing the gate valve to the oil and gas completion well created with a drilling rig. 

JMP oil service client in Dallas, Texas has just received their FC series 4-16, 10,000 psi gate valves. Custom designed to fit their oil field equipment their gate valves were assembled March 3, 2015 and delivered April 25, 2015. Delivered in crates built with padding to guarantee maximum security of the oil equipment. They are currently in the process of installing the gate valves into the hole created by the rig. The oil equipment has been tested and assured that it will function as required prior to delivery.